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LMB LOMBARDIA is a Portuguese streetwear brand founded in 2007.

After years of progress and reformulation, it reached most countries in Europe and outside Europe. 

Its purpose is to align quality clothing, with exclusive lines, with an urban and functional aesthetic, which allows transience in

 different spaces and occasions of everyday life.

Furthermore, LMB LOMBARDIA encourages sustainability.

Encompassing practices that value ethical production and prioritizing sustainable materials, focusing on reducing environmental/

 social impacts in production.

Most of our items are made with organic cotton and our pieces are packaged and sent to the customer in

 recycled micro cardboard boxes, avoiding the use of plastic.

LMB LOMBARDIA is one of the main Portuguese brands and has consistently built a history. 

A brand with a modern aesthetic and a youthful look, LMB remains attentive to the main fashion trends and is concerned 

with constant evolution.                            

 Today LMB supplies dozens of resale points throughout Europe and outside Europe.